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The state of UX: Chatbots, usability and conversations

Optimal user experience is the new norm

It’s at this time of year people like to pontificate on all things trends. We read a blog post on user experience and design trends that resonated with us. Here’s the top four we see as truly important for this year.

  1. Usability becomes a commodity
    • We know we need to help people accomplish what they want to on the web in the easiest and most familiar way possible. There is a level of acceptable usability and anything that falls beneath will be left behind. The best approach is to get the basics down and fine-tune the details until they are perfected. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  2. The words we will stop using
    • Everything is “mobile friendly.” Google stopped using the phrase and we should too. Responsive design will probably be out the door soon too as people expect everything to function seamlessly across all their screens. All experiences should be intuitive. Do we still have to tell people to click?
  3. Everything is a conversation
    • Chatbots will be the thing. The push and pull of information will need to be designed and refined as we expect more from our experiences, conversations with apps, platforms and brands. Emojis, voice interfaces (Alexa, Siri, etc.) and new tech will only make conversations increasingly relevant and ingrained in our lifestyles.
  4. Stitching all the pieces together
    • People expect a ubiquitous and seamless experience from technology as they are more connected than ever. It’s our jobs to make them feel like everything is on brand. Case and point, “Can I request an Uber ride from Alexa, receive the ETA on my Apple Watch, split the fare with a friend on Messenger and rate the ride on my phone App?” We will have to start helping design these multi-layered experiences and help brands deliver on them.

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